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Experience the power of Kissflow firsthand

Join us live to see how Kissflow unleashes a new approach to application development with a governed low-code platform built for both business users and IT developers

November 7, 2023

02:00 PM EST

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Product Marketing Manager


Sooryakanth is a Product Marketing Manager at Kissflow, focusing on outbound product management and product positioning. He believes in the power of low-code to enable anyone to solve business-critical problems. He loves building apps and leveraging new tech for innovative business solutions.

Explore the full potential of Kissflow

Join us live to see a truly unique low-code platform in action. Kissflow has the right blend of simple and complex features to change your approach to application development and include more people in the process.

Key takeaways:

  • A remarkably intuitive interface and unique form-first methodology to building applications and workflows
  • Lightning fast change-management to edit applications and make quick improvements
  • Extremely powerful and flexible triggers, connectors, and workflows to create end-to-end orchestration
  • Completely no-code boards for easy case and and project management
  • End-to-end control, security, and governance over applications and users
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